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Death Jokes

Desk jockeys

The pressures of work can bring out the weirdness in people.Check out these real-life exchanges from

Boss: You make too many mistakes!You're not more

Never looked better

At the funeral of a family friend,我到6月,聊天an elderly lady I hadn't seen since I was a teenager.I was thrilled when she told me what a beautiful young woman I'd become. more

Poor reception

I recently took my wife on holidays to the north of England,and since our son was to join us for a few days,I texted him to bring fuel for the fire as it had turned decidedly chilly. more

Guilt trip

When a family friend passed away,my granddaughter took her three-year-old son to visit the widow.As they approached the front door,she whispered to the boy,"Make sure to tell her how sorry more

Rest in peace

Shortly after my grandmother passed away,I took my daughter to her gravesite,which was located beside a row of pine trees."How nice," I said."Grandma has a great spot here in the shade." more

Graveyard savings

While leafing through our local newspaper,I noticed this classified ad: "For sale: one used tombstone.Splendid opportunity for family named Dingle."

Slipping quietly away

About a month before he died,my grandmother covered my grandfather's back with lard.After that he went downhill very quickly.

Grave misgivings

Fresh out of gift ideas,a man buys his mother-in-law a large plot in an expensive cemetery.On her next birthday,he buys her nothing,and immediately she yells at him.

"What are more

Terminal prescription

William came home from the doctor looking very worried."What is it?asked his wife."What's the problem?"

"Well,the doctor told me I have to take one of these pills every day more

A golfer to the end

Police are called to an apartment and find a woman holding a bent and twisted 5-iron,standing over a lifeless man.A detective asks,"Is that your husband?"

"Yes" replies the more

Happy returns

Old aunts used to come up to me at weddings,poke me in the ribs and cackle,telling me,"You're next."
They stopped after I started doing the same thing to them at funerals.